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Film blowing machine boot precautions

1, Check whether the installation work of the blown film unit is installed as required, and check that the bolts are tightly fastened.
2, The material requirements should be dry, otherwise pre-drying should be carried out.
3, Check the power supply and electrical parts, and the parts should be grounded.
4, The barrel is not filled with plastic, filled with plastic and the temperature is not up to standard. It is forbidden to start.
5, Check that the heating system and temperature measurement system of the unit are in good condition.
6, Check that there must be no foreign objects in the material. There must be no iron filings or other unqualified materials in the raw materials.
7, Check and add the gearbox and the lubricating oil in the air compressor to check the lubrication of each mechanical transmission component.
8, During the start-up process of the film blowing machine, irrelevant personnel should leave, to prevent the material from overheating and rushing out of the burn, to prevent the belt and the mixing tube from being stabbed, to prevent the hair and clothing from being taken up.
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